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a porsche 911 type 997 in turbo

porsche 911 type 997

In 2005, the 911 was heavily revised and the 996's replacement, the 997, was unveiled. The 997 keeps the basic profile of the 996, bringing the drag coefficientdown to 0.28, but draws on the 993 for detailing. In addition, the new headlights revert to the original bug-eye design, drifting from the teardrop scheme of the 996. Its interior is also similarly revised, with strong links to the earlier 911 interiors while at the same time looking fresh and modern.
  • a porsche 911 type 997 in silver
  • porsche 911 type 997 showing the revert back to bug eye headlights
  • a porsche 911 type 997 turbo

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